Balances and the lies

Balances and the lies
balance, adaptability, exclude tocsic people

OK, guys!
In the world nowadays there are a few rules. Everyone has to somehow follow in order to succeed in what they are doing to incorporate, to accomplish their goals, and stuff like that. So, you have to really live between balances or balance things in a certain way and there are few rules like I said, something like rules, that everyone shall follow in order to succeed, like I said, to be successful and mainly to remain on the right position for himself. So, you can actually, you will continue the right way. Because there are so many traps that you can probably fall on each and every step if you are not concentrated. And if you don’t read the sign, so to say, so what I’m trying to say, is you have first to thrive or more but not be greedy, be fast, but at the very same time be calm about it and don’t rush things too much so the car doesn’t break when you push the pedal, you have to avoid crashing and at the very same time you have to be fast enough. You have to maintain your idea but with some adaptability so you have to adapt to the market, to whatsoever is needed. Also, you have to remain unchanged in certain ways. If your core shall be very hard and not easily movable so you can maintain your spirit intact so to say, or literally our philosophy because without it it’s nearly impossible to succeed in anything big time.
Also, you have to be social but not too much and not to socialize with toxic people, because there are so many of them nowadays. But also, you shall have some understanding of your own what toxic people are and who are those people for you because not everyone is well acting and reacting on different kinds of characters and some people might be toxic for other ones, but not for you and the other way around so you have to decide to avoid socializing too much with the wrong for you people.
Also, you have to probably try for some standard but not that one that everyone is going after, I mean the masses because it’s actually by somehow not very truthful so to say its consumerism lie mostly and there’s nothing bad about consumerism but well it actually skins you out of the possibility to go far beyond your current situation in many of the cases. Sometimes it motivates you to be better and to go there. It’s possible but not so much, I would guess, for the most is the first version of things, and yeah also there are so many lies in the media, and there are so many wrong patterns that are told to people from the school years to much later. It happens in many businesses’ corporate status etc., etc. in corporations, in many companies, in some teachings even there are many lies. There are so many lies around us and if you look well you’ll understand, if you observe the situation, if you actually question things, you see how many lies are told to you each and every day and mainstream media is lying very much about big things and I don’t know why is that happening and who is the one responsible for not taking any action so these people actually can’t do that again but well that’s why when well certain speculation starts also being intact to confront that and to be the counterpart of that balance and some of them are called conspiracy theories but there’s no question about well government or at least the media lying to the people and maybe just maybe there’s some connection to some of the governments and some propaganda going on, which is consciously made, so the masses lie to certain subjects and certain topics and why do I think that’s happening sometimes it’s mandatory and necessary. So, some problems could be avoided, but I don’t think every time it happens for that reason some of the lies are totally meaningless and useless but of course, they’re in the interest of some big players on the market or, well, with some position in this world well so I don’t know about that but you shall know not everything you hear, see or are told is actually true and you probably already know that, but if you question more things you actually find the answers that at least you have been lied to many subjects and it is not hard to understand that but yeah it’s you don’t really need to put so much focus on that subject, that topic, on the other hand, it’s important to know that for sure because some major events may by somehow depend on it and you actually need to understand what’s right and that is not for you, your situation then your people. There are many other things that I would like to share but keep in mind there are many balances that you need the coin to be able to feel observed for also ever both sides of it will be mandatory for you to succeed big time in most of the cases. So, you have to invest, you have to save some money but also, you’ll need to spend some reinvest, etc. Only saving money may get you in a worse position than spending in a balanced way, for example, but yeah there are so many things in that context, and there are so many pieces of advice I’ll give you about that. That’s what I wanted to say in a few words and it’s only that it’s already ten minutes.
So, thank you very much, guys! See you later!

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