Hi, guys! I am explaining things in a story because I think that’s the best way to describe what I mean and visualize it in your mind and consciousness.
So, first, we’ve got one person who is a politician, a congressman, a man in power, so to say – putting his tie, he is looking amazing. His looks mean authority and he seems happy about everything that’s happening around him. But there’s that evilness in his eyes, he is the balance, so things could happen eventually. He knows that his past is not exactly what you can call pure good but on the other hand, he has balanced things so now he’s feeling still good in his skin and he wanted to be in the position he is in right now and that was his target actually. So, he is happy about it, feels confident, and feels on top of the world.
But in the shadows, somewhere around his house, there’s um a man in a hoodie and you can’t see his face, but the man is an assassin. He has lost his brother due to the actions of the first character in this story, so he has those motives of vengeance and fire in his eyes. He just wants to, well, somehow make the other one suffers, so he can feel he has fulfilled his duty.
And now the thing is that some of you have chosen to be with the first one and everything he can do to avoid the second character. You’ll say: but the man has a martial art, most probably, he has his own bodyguards and that assassin has absolutely no chance of winning in that situation. Or you’ll say: yeah, but who was the brother of this second man? Maybe he was a criminal? Maybe they were living a bad example of life and yeah there are so many versions of things. Maybe more than half will choose to be with the second one, which has those social motifs to kill the first one even if he feels like it…
I don’t know who will be the chosen champion but the thing is I wanted to say something different: both those people have their own stories, their own lives and we can just be observing the story without taking sides. And that’s very important to start learning or to continue learning to use relativeness in one’s life and in the business, in the marketing, in all of the aspects of what we’ll be doing in a business that we own actually you have to use that skill because it’s very rare for things to be just one-sided. You have a coin and you know in most situations choosing one of the sides but it’s still a coin.
So, you understand in time, if you haven’t already, we are understanding that little by little, even on a higher scale each and every day that there’s not one and only one correct version of things. There are many possibilities and we are just living in a world in which we are choosing whether we are actually going to a right, so to say, but there are alternative versions of things and very few of them are purely wrong or purely good, for example, nice, etc. So, that’s a very important lesson to be learned and I don’t really want to say much more about this. So, thank you, guys,

more possibilities, more-sided, story telling
I hope that’s useful we can continue with this topic if it’s interesting I have much to say about it but I think that’s just enough.
Thank you! See you guys!


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