about us

Who are we?

Our main goal is to reach understanding and awareness. Both are at the heart of the development. Knowledge itself is not enough, it needs to be applied to support our growth. We invite everyone to follow their dreams and to try to create an environment that is always favorable to personal improvement and self-transformation. Everybody has the right to express his or her voice, especially if it is in any way related to development, innovative and creative thinking, analyzing facts from the surrounding world, exchange of knowledge, and almost everything in the name of universal and individual progress. We cannot only cope with arrogant behavior, running away from the own vision and plans, someone to work or to have a job just for the purpose of survival, or simply because of a kind of convenient reward.

What we aim for is to provide the opportunity for everyone to reach out and grow in a world where alchemy and magic are regarded as sciences as they should be and they have been. In this world, we hope to succeed in maintaining “peace of mind and understanding” based on ancient practices and teachings, technologies, and, of course, their contemporary equivalents. It is true that the world has been developing extremely fast in recent years, and we are now convinced that we can do everything applying science. By analyzing some of the ancient advanced civilizations and their scientific successes, especially in the spheres of sound tones (frequencies).  The different frequencies of oscillation of material objects and the knowledge of how they affect our known reality, for example, we could synthesize, combine, dissolve etc. … uniting the present century with the old golden ages of Earth in the name of a higher cause.



To develop the ability to understand and to rise above certain troubling things in life.



Understanding the essence and functioning of the world unleashes creativity and ambition for success.



Practicing Reiki, Qigong, Energy Medicine, Tao, ... unlocks the natural healing power.



To create healthy habits in thinking, eating, exercising, communication, relationships.

What do members think about us


I have the chance to use the advantage to improve my business and my life within experienced society! The profound analyses of the market trends and the psychological attitude of concrete target groups is crucial for the economic growth and positioning.

The collaboration with Light Griffin enlarges the scope of interest and the networking possibilities in new areas. It proves the ambition to be the master of the own life.


I want to express my gratitude for the impetus for a positive change for me, for focusing on my strengths and talents. Being aware of the characteristics that I have decided to change and encouraging me to meditate give me new self-confidence.

The reason to write is the last meditation that helped me to realize and reduce the pain in my knee joint. I use energy practices regularly learned with Light Griffin and exchanging views on their impact enriches and makes life more meaningful, richer and more beautiful.

The discussions at Light Griffin Academy reinforced my belief that building the world was done with everything: with deep thinking, constant writing, visual alignment, logical connection, so that the full picture was obtained. It became very clear that if something was beyond my plan, it would be better to be deprived. Now I follow my plan, because progress is in consistency and results achieved. The line is leading. Any deviation from the order that comes from outside and we have not accepted with all responsibility is out of order, i.e. is a deviation from the road, even if it seems tempting and close to our “dream”.

All my chakras were sick, now I see in what enchanted circle I have been fallen! Thanks to the universe, to my already awakened inner powers and the invisible energies that pulled me from the bottom! I want a lot of light and strength to continue working together with Light Griffins team for healing – ours and of the world!


Light Griffin has a pragmatic approach with forming a positive understanding of the functioning of the physical and the energy bodies. The training activities are logically explained and applicable in the everyday life.

I have been motivated to consciously undertake changes in my healthy-connected habits and lifestyle and the results opened new opportunities for personal growth.


Working together with Light Griffin introduced me to a deeper knowledge of healing techniques – Tao, Reiki, Su Jok, etc. I am impressed by the fine combination of in-depth theory and understandably explained and easy to apply practices for karmic purification, relaxation and reprogramming of consciousness.

I am especially pleasantly surprised by the specialized events for women, which take into account the specificity of the way of thinking and functioning, and from there, the specific methods that lead to the improvement of physical and mental form, even in today’s fast-paced world.

The connection of Eastern wisdom and modern science and terminology affirms values ​​in life and motivates one’s own contribution.