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Hi guys! Hello! Now, I’ve just got some feedback on my videos and I will be trying to help because it was a critique about putting some system on the topics I’m talking about. But
it’s not my wish to do it that way because I’m talking about what I’m thinking and feeling at the moment when I’m shooting. Then it’s important for me to do so, so I can actually – when I’m watching them, for example – I’m not doing them only for myself but then I will know what I have felt at that moment and you know it’s (I’m not sure everyone would understand that) but that kind of feeling and emotion is important for myself but also I’ll be trying to put things in a system, so we can have a basis to understand what I am talking about, how to see things, the big picture, some mapping, etc., etc. and I am stating right now!
The first thing, the first thing about it will be having a strong spirit in a strong body. The spirit is important because it’s everything, it’s the idea, it’s everything we need in our lives in order to feel happy, successful, etc., etc., it is the brand, it’s everything that we wish and dream for, it’s the idea above our head, etc., etc. But you will need also a healthy body in order to feel great, to feel fresh and to do your job with the most passion, you can feel fine and you can do the most of one day, each and every day, so you can be successful in your own vision. That’s very important to work out building your body in ways you want it to look like and feel, it’s important first thing and I’m starting from there: be healthy, and work on your body, it will be one of the steps stones which you actually step now.
The second thing is owning something and having that I saw it like a business, for example. It could be a conventional business or a traditional one. It could also be something like an online agency it’s fairly famous nowadays and it’s relatively easy to build one. It could be an affiliate marketing thing, there are many things that you can actually own and Be Your Own Boss or at least have Partnerships actually with people on your level. They could be richer, more famous, it doesn’t matter, but they can’t give you exact orders and I think that’s a good thing most of the time at least I feel that’s the second thing that is most important.
We are just going to the third one. It is related to some possible but also high goals having your own company now, or your own thing – home business, even freelancing will give you another hint of what’s needed so you can be free under the blue sky and it’s having a possible, accomplishable but also a high goal which will be something like the requirement to be a player in the game nowadays, we will be having an income of at least 230,000 Euro each and every year, it’s like, for example, something like 250 – 260, 000 dollars of income for your company each and every year and from that point on you can actually search for advice someone that will be more efficient than me explaining what to do next, because I’m just a little bit above that and I don’t actually know how to multiply, I don’t have the experience. I have some hints. I have listened to many people talking about it, but I haven’t multiplied that from that point on, I don’t know what’s the next step by experience so I’ll be guiding you to this point but it’s very important to have a high goal because actually and at least something like that will be required in order for you to really be free by what the world requires nowadays. So that’s a fine goal and anything below that would most probably, not sure, be enough in order to feel free in your actions so you can give the best influence out of the world and the people around you and not only, to be functional on a hundred percent for the society and from that point many things are changing for the better. So a goal similar to that you can start smaller but you probably have to reach at some point that goes, so the real-time journey starts from there and then you’ll need to share your ideas with the world because maybe you have to, you need, you feel some need to know that even earlier but from that point on, like I said, you are someone which is recognized by the whole world because it’s not so much but that’s the base point on which you’re stepping and you’re saying: I am someone, I have fulfilled the requirements and I am functional to this world. I have an opinion that I could share and that’s the third thing having that kind of goal and trying to accomplish it and will be mostly talking about the ways, and the details that are required in order to succeed in that, well, game, journey and stuff like that so we are going to the next point.
The fourth thing is about actually a tricky one because many people will tell you need to follow your passion no matter what, but if you ask me that’s not exactly true, because it depends on your passions, but if you are trying to do business and scale big time by only following your passions, maybe the other way around will be better – to focus on something that can make value for people in order for you to succeed in your own path, give the good example ,be financially stable and from that point you can follow your passions and by somehow Implement your passions in your work or combine those things together but sometimes your passions are so far from the market and it’s nearly impossible to sell them and you’ll need to do some study eventually, maybe training, but you understand the idea, so sometimes you have to start from a different place and just following your passions you can still keep them as hobbies, you have some free time eventually to do what you want to do but maybe in the game of business don’t prioritize them to the first, to the top first place, the top of the pyramid etc., etc.
So, these will be my four pieces of advice, and actually, it’s how the system will work, the four main topics or points that will be always connected to my videos and to my work here and I may categorize them in different playlists or something like that we will see how things will go but yeah if I have to systematize things that will be the base of it so I hope that’s helpful.
Thank you very much, guys! Stay tuned!

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