Never judge

A very important in life, especially the social parts of it.
You shall always try to understand the others and their points of view about any important situation.
Probably sometimes their actions may seem totally ridiculous and even awful from certain point, but they might be necessary, legit, or even wonderful, brilliant from another view.
Of course it might be a battle and that’s totally true again and then you’ll have to act as if it’s a battle of course, but also it might be for example a good friend trying to be polite or whatsoever, but totally messing the whole situation for you.
Your responsibility is to share, even if you get angry, share it, tell it out loud for those who are responsible for certain fail to know and eventually to understand their mistake, don’t keep it for yourself, for this may cause certain forms of hate later, which I guess most would skip with certainty.
Thank you and be great, be aware, take care, Namaste!

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