Dreams of the winners

Do you presume that such a thing like peace exists in our life?

Some people share similar opinion, refuse fighting and only react to variety of hits – psychological, emotional, physical. I belonged to this category for a couple of years. Then my life changed drastically and I started to search the reason for worsening.

I succeeded to learn and understand, that peace and war are on the same line, but with different scaling. To understand what I mean just imagine the dual nature of cold and hot. The only difference is the temperature and we can scale it from minus some degrees to plus degrees.

To come back to our defense mode. Let’s remember the famous quote of Sun Tzu “Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.”. This is extract of experience that is unscripted in the human DNA thanks to the long-term combating challenges caused by nature, human beings and the own destructive thoughts and expressions being reason for diseases, broken relationships even tragedies. Here are only some arguments why to invest in our fighting skills – verbal, psychical, physical. We have to learn how to always be in attack mode. The life is constant fight, isn’t it? To keep the balance, which is one of the great arts, we have to develop the skill to reach dynamic equilibrium. It requires to apply conscious will not only to monitor ourselves and the environment, but to react and even better – to predict the upcoming change and to undertake proactive initiative. In some cases, it can be only communication. In other we can demonstrate the calmness of our mind and to postpone sharp action or reaction.

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