The end of the year is the time for stocktaking and content preparation for the next steps toward achieving one’s own dreams.
Today we will briefly name several principles for prosperity:
• To stop procrastination and to begin the in-depth formulation of goals and dreams – for the first month of the year, for the first quarter, for the coming year, …
• Look for examples of success in this sphere, where you dream of becoming a leader. If successful people have a presentation of their own experience, it will be easier to compare their own situation with the concrete steps that lead to their dreams coming true
• If you have ever failed or missed opportunities for prosperity, think about what the reasons were, but from the point of view of personal actions or inaction. Did you have reliable information about the ongoing processes? What are the obstacles and barriers? Did you notice? Did you work to remove or overcome them? It’s time to make the next attempt!
• Stop blaming external circumstances, be grateful that they helped you to build the person you are today
• Everything is in our own hands and without complaining, we will take the first step to get out of the familiar limitations of thoughts and actions and move towards prosperity through our best qualities. Write them down to attach them individually or in combination
• Argue and value your opinion, especially regarding the promises we have made and fulfilled
• Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, far from perfect for achieving your goals, so you will always be prepared for an adequate response
• Be open to learning constantly
• Refuse to focus on insignificant issues, concentrate on your own priorities and the things that matter most to you, ignoring unnecessary and time-consuming ones beyond the scope of your interest
• Work with smart and responsible people

Please share which of the listed, or own principles you observe and how?

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