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Here is a topic about the Buddhist ways nowadays and actually how to understand better the whole teaching, but not only the seeking for joy in life, as many people have been doing unfortunately lately. The main concept I’d start writing about here is the Idea of the understanding of the essence of being, also the difference and similarities between doing and not doing, the true ways and how to follow them. How to make your own path, leading to but the same point as any other path, yet being so different from all the others with it’s unique characteristics.


ob 5523c6 psihighpyramonk2

   Also I’d be talking about other paths leading to better understanding the realms of consciousness and not only them. All of the most popular groups of individuals following the beyond-materialistic paths have their points and It’d be of usage for everyone going for the enlightenment to seek and learn about at least a few.

The main point in that from the other hand is that every spiritual community or

similar society has many similarities with the others, which means the story beyond all is but the same afterall.  Anyways, of course there are significant, even drastic differences in the point of view forming two opposing sides.

Yet it is very likely this was the balancing part in spirituality. Kind of funny is that

both sides eventually think they’re the right ones. There is a conflict between eastern and western nations due to their totally different goals and dreams, patient levels, cultures and guts.

                     Our Idea is to reduce the conflict of cultures, so that both sides and the third parties to benefit of the fluxing positivity of opportunities the spiritualism gives to the ones understanding the concept and leading their own path, still being with the guidance and the knowledge of the ancestors worldwide…


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