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Light Griffin Academy uses a unique combination of profound understanding & conscious solutions towards financial, health & time independence, energy-saving practices & free will improvement for abundance. You get scientifically based spiritual solutions for personal development, for strengthening the will, for the concentration of the intention towards transcending process.

Topics for this course

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1. How to reach independence


2.1. Localizing the manifestation

2.2. Breathing practices

3.1. Release the karmic baggage

3.2. Mudra of the orgasmic bliss

4. Energy Practices supporting time responsive actions

5.1. Essential principles

5.2. How to Neutralize the affects of restraining beliefs through 3 tools NEW

6. Interactive verbal reprogramming through awareness

7. Transformation by adopting a life-affirming archetype

8. Steps to my Higher Self & Meditation

9. Changing the perception

10. Tonglen Practice

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